Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The woman behind the Kevin Hart Scandal”)

I just happened to go over this story only a couple of times or so, but something just doesn’t seem right here. Let’s go from what we know for sure to be true first. Kevin Hart (the rich and famous comedian) had a 3 day affair with some lady by the name of Montia Sabbag and through all of that a sex video emerged. According to Kevin, someone was trying to extort money out of him for the video (This I can believe for several reasons… first, the video exists, so therefore it had to be made… If the video was made, the only purpose I can see for it would be to secure money). Now comes the part where things seem a little shaky. To be honest, I do NOT trust the sincerity of the woman involved in the scandal, Montia Sabbag.  Here is a sample of her interview:

Just HOW did they manage to even “set up” video in Hart’s room for them to shoot in the first place? It was Kevin’s “private” room. If it happened during the “2nd” day of sex (Like she allegedly claims) then someone had to let this person (or people) in. I can’t imagine that Kevin (who had every reason in the world to keep this secret) would do it. The only person left who could have let strangers into his private room was Montia herself. Also, whoever set up the video had to know “in what room” to set up the cameras. They had to know this couple sexually. Who else would have known better than her? She also claims in the interview that Kevin was hugging, kissing and tugging on her and that made her believe that he wasn’t married. Do you believe that? I sure don’t… Any married man who wants some will be more than willing to hug, kiss and tug without telling you a thing. She also claims that if she had known he was married then their sexual escapade would never have happened. Well, she DID know it. Even though as she claims, it was only around the second time they had sex. The problem here is that she continued to have sex with him for a second AND a third time… This lady has also denied being a stripper, and yet there is proof of her being on a pole. The main thing that I think happened here is that Kevin was set up (and this lady was involved with this in some capacity). He was set up and caught by people wanting to get money from him. Now that he has told his story, the woman still can make money based on her telling her story (which is why she did this interview). For me, this is very simple to see. This should be an example for any “high profile” man. There are many people out there who would “love” to catch you in a weak moment and expose your weakness to the world for profit. Hart did not know this woman and he trusted her. It was a big mistake on his part. The best way to avoid this was to refrain from doing it. For a lot of men, this is easier said than done. The real question is “Has he learned from this experience?” Maybe so, but what about the next man who rises to fame, and the next, and the next? With fame comes responsibility. Use it wisely, or else you too will become your own victim… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Brett Jolly and actress Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union and Brett Jolly


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