Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“A world view from the Phantom Poet”)

The world is going crazy, and this seems to be a fact

That chubby guy in North Korea wants to commit a hostile act
His threat makes Trump angry and his anger is now storming
Yet he continues to dismiss the real threat of global warming
He beat out Clinton for the presidency but America got played
Because it appears that he may benefitted from Russian aide
When you examine his Presidency this is how he’ll fare:
He looked pretty bad when trying to repeal Obamacare
He also wanted to build a wall along the Mexican border
He said they have to pay for it, but they are disobeying that order
He also wants to deport illegal immigrants and keep them out for life
He wants them all expelled, but what about his “wife?”
Yes the world is going crazy and we haven’t learned any lessons
Especially when we watch the comedy team of Trump and Jeff Sessions
His team of people want us to know what he is fighting for
But so many people are leaving that it’s a revolving door
There are other members of this circus and no one is disputin’
The other entertainment in this saga has been Vladimir Putin
The leader of Russia who stands barely 5 foot 6 tall
Has continued to reject his involvement and “denies it all”
Yes, it seems the world is going crazy and to prove it through demonstration
What is Trump’s defensive stance? Hell, he just went on “vacation”
There is hostility everywhere and throughout all of this crisis
It seems that we all have taken our attention off of ISIS
Yes, the world is going loco and we need to do something soon
I got it. Let’s leave this mess behind… and move to the moon…
From the majestic catalogue of the Phantom Poet
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