Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Would this be right or wrong?”)

I know of a female who has plans to go out on a date with some new guy for the very first time (This is a true story). This lady has already said that she will suggest they go to the most best 5 star restaurant she can find so that she can order the most expensive items on the menu. The question that comes to mind is “Why?” Is this an attempt to “test” the man’s money or his resolve to do the best for her? Is she wrong or right to do so? I guess a lot would depend on what her agenda is. If she feels that she is “worth” the most expensive places to eat, then she may just be “right.” However, if this is the case then why suggest anything at all to him? She can simply wait and see if the man decides on his own to take her to a 5 star place. Men like to please women (especially on the first date) and it “could” be possible that he had plans to take her to this restaurant anyway. When a woman makes this kind of suggestion from the start she could win the battle but in the end she could “lose the war.” A man will take note that a woman has expensive tastes, and I can guarantee that if the relationship builds up then down the line that can come back to haunt her. You only get one “first impression” and if you appear to be a gold digger from the very onset then that could set a bad precedent. Down the road he may feel that he can get anything he wants from her as long as he pays for it first. Is it better for a woman to be with a rich man who barely respects her or is it better to be with a man who is barely living up to his needs but yet will give “everything he has?” Does a relationship that hinges on money have any chance to be genuine and happy? Also, if she suggests that they go to the expensive place should he feel privileged to “expect anything in return that evening?” Sometimes that first impression could ignite the wrong response. Please keep in mind that there are no laws or anything stating that a woman has to accept anything less than what she feels she deserves (and there are also no laws that state that she should owe a man anything for taking her out). If she plans to sleep with him after their very expensive date he will probably “appreciate that a LOT.” However, the novelty on this may wear off as they try to build a long good life together. Everyone is different, and what may work for one is not always guaranteed to work for everyone. Respect goes both ways, and hopefully both can show respect for each other when going out on dates. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Billy Paul (“Me and Mrs. Jones”) in concert with Brett Jolly on red bass guitar


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