Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Recognizing scams”)

Lately I have been getting emails from some sort of casting company that evidently is looking to promote models and entertainers. They sent me something that thanked me for my application (that I don’t recall ever sending) and wanted to schedule a time for me to come in for my audition. Years ago someone sent this same kind of thing to me and while I believed then that it was a scam I still went (just out of curiosity) to check out for myself. I was there with a lot of other people who looked like they were expecting to “get their big break” from these people.  I sat down and listened to a speaker talk about what it takes to get started in the industry. I then wondered how this company was going to give a break to “all these people” who were in attendance. When it came time to talk to me they asked me what I wanted to do in the industry. I responded by saying “I thought you already knew since you claimed to have my application.” As the talk went on I realized that these people wanted the same thing from ALL their “perspective clients” and that was “money.” They said in the beginning that they didn’t need any money but yet the subject “miraculously came up later about me paying $400 for them to shoot professional pictures of me.”  I told them that I was my own photographer and could easily take my own pictures if needed. There was no way I was going to give them any money whatsoever. They told me then that they were “very interested” in me, but once I refused to pay anything I never heard back from them again until now. I won’t mention the name of the company because it really shouldn’t matter. If someone wants you to come in for an audition over an application that you never submitted then a “big red flag” should come up. Rarely does “anyone” want something for nothing. The amazing part about this casting call was that “everyone was approved and no one was turned down.” When it comes to the possibility of getting money from these people I would approve everyone too. When it comes to agencies you need to keep this in mind: If a company really wants you then they should pay for YOUR services, not the other way around. The industry already has “tons” of models and actors already established. Why do they need you? You need to ask yourself this question before considering going to any agency looking for talent. Also you need to Google “reviews” on the company itself. There you will find some good reviews ( probably submitted by the company itself to make themselves look great) but they won’t outnumber the negative reviews if this is truly a scam agency. Make sure to check out as many postings as you can before you get suckered in. Your time is valuable and so if your money. Save yourself a lot of aggravation by checking them out first. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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