Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Do you dream small?”)

I have found that many people often limit themselves when it comes to goals, desires and personal achievement. I have discovered that many set reasonably obtainable goals in life, but rarely do people strive for the unreachable. When I hear someone say that he or she wants a job I wonder why they don’t want to start their own company instead. When I hear someone say that he or she wants to get married one day, I wonder why their goal isn’t instead “to spend the rest of my life happily married to my eternal soul mate.” The concept of just getting married “sounds like” someone just wants to get married to the first person available. When I hear people complain about a bad politician I wonder why they themselves don’t run for office. ” Many of us are satisfied with the “small things” in life. Once we reach our small plateau then we are content with it, but should that be satisfactory? Why just reach for the sky when there is a whole universe beyond that? What you get out of life depends largely on what you invest into it. That’s why I think it is always advantageous to “Dream big.” You don’t have to settle for second or third best of anything, especially when you have the potential to accomplish so much more. You need to remember that great people were only ordinary people like yourself who dared to dream great things. When you say to yourself (or anyone else) the words “I can’t” then you are in essence stopping yourself from accomplishing something monumental. Some tasks may seem way out of our reach. When you think about it, man was not meant to physically fly like a bird, but we accomplished flight through the invention of the air plane. Many do not have the stamina to walk hundreds of miles, but then someone dreamed about inventing a car and now we can accomplish what was once thought impossible. We can reach people around the world because someone dreamed about inventing the internet. Is there anything that you wish you had done but never got around to it? Well, now you can go beyond your own limits (but only if you believe you can). The first thing is to “think it into existence.” The greatest satisfaction usually comes from overcoming the “greatest of odds.” The bigger the obstacle the greater the feeling you will get from conquering it. When you “dream big” your vision goes much further. Tell me, what do you see today? Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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