Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The benefits of having perfect pitch”)

I love playing music. Often it is my escape and getaway (even though I am still around people at the time). I also love it when people have God given gifts. That means that some people have extraordinary talents that give them certain advantages over others. When my parents brought a piano over the house I was only 4 years old at the time. The very next morning my mother came downstairs and actually heard me play a tune on it. It was a very simple tune (It was a song by Ben E. King simply entitled “Stand by me”). Over the years I was not interested in playing music. I instead wanted to play basketball. However, everyone kept noticing that whenever I went to music I had very little difficulty picking up songs. At the time I thought everyone was capable of doing it, but then I soon realized that a lot of people couldn’t hear music as well as I did. Fast forward to today and it seems as though I actually have to learn (on average) about 6 to 8 new tunes per week (and no, I am not joking). My church will send me about 4 new tunes a week (often on the night before I have to play them) and then at my open mic event people will bring up new songs for us to play (on the spot). A lot of musicians would have to dedicate time, sit down and figure out the notes to new songs. I will go to Youtube on my phone, play the song in my car and learn it while I am driving. As for my open mic events me (and the rest of the band) will listen to a song request on Youtube and then “play it on the spot.” That is the benefit of having a great musical ear. Can I be stumped? “Absolutely.” There are times when the bad intonation of a song will “throw me off entirely” because I won’t be able to figure out the key of it. For the most part due to the musical ear I have I will attempt to play just about “anything.” “Perfect Pitch” is the ability to hear notes and determine what those notes are. Sometimes it feels as though I can actually “see the notes in my head.” While several people have perfect pitch, I have found that there are “different degrees of it.” I know of some people who have it but still have difficulties learning new songs. That means that their perfect pitch only goes so far for them. I love the challenges of it and I sincerely hope to accomplish a lot more through it. Music is a healing source, and I am blessed with the ability to heal others through playing. Today I just wanted to share with you a little bit of my experiences through my world of music. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


Skype: Brettjolly1

David Banner, Ciara, Vickie Winans, The Williams Brothers, Chuck Brown, Janet Jackson, James Ingram, Yolanda Adams and Brett Jolly on bass (to the far right)


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