Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Finally… a genuinely live and real performance”)

As most of you know I am one who will never hesitate to point out those who are lip syncing (or singing along with the track) in their performances. I have exposed “many” fake artists (especially those from the newer generation of stars and even some from the old school) for their inabilities to carry a song live in concert. Well, this time I went looking for fakers and actually found a segment that was “authentic.” The deep part is that this segment belongs to a performer who “has” performed with voice samples before in his show, but yet this particular song is truly live and genuine. I give him praise for doing so, even though there is a little bit of struggle in his voice. No one has the perfect voice and at some point even the best of singers will come across a note or 2 that will seem challenging. However, I am one who loves the realness of a show, faults and all. In this song it is only his voice and his guitar. He starts out a little shaky in the beginning but recovers well after the audience helps him out by singing with him. Since he has to look down at his guitar to see his placement of fingers it is difficult for him to project directly into the microphone, but he did well enough to make the song happen. He also has a little struggle trying to play and sing at the same time. At some points he stopped playing totally so that he could concentrate more on singing properly. His playing goes well until the very end (around the 3:32 mark) where he hits a wrong guitar chord (but at least he is smart enough to stop playing at that point). Yes, I will condemn many who “fake the funk” in their concerts, but I will also give high fives to those who bring it real. That’s why I will give a “thumbs up” to Justin Bieber for this rendition of “Love Yourself.”

Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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