Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Are we too busy to notice life?”)

If you notice, most of our lives are dedicated to accomplishing objectives each day. We wake up, we need to fix something to eat before we leave the house. We rush to get there on time, then we fulfill our obligations up to the point where it is time to take a break. Then we adhere to another time schedule to go back to our obligation until it is time to go back home. Then we have other things to do once we get back there. We are a people with so much to do that we can’t find time to “take in life.” Pressure mounts whenever we place emphasis on accomplishing something “by a certain time.” For many of us this is stress that is “self imposed.” For instance, are you one of those people who (whenever you are running late for something) always looks at your watch while trying to reach your destination? If you are already rushing to get there fast, then what purpose does it serve to continually check the time? Will taking note of the time help you to get there any faster? Of course not, but this is a prime example of how we add stress to our own lives. Do you find that you often worry about things that could possibly transpire “but have not happened yet?” When you always “ponder the worst” then you are contributing to your own anxiety or depression. While everyone goes through some type of stress at points in their lives, it is the “amount” of stress that can effect you and can even change you. For many people 9 to 5 jobs exhibit performance measures. In most of these occupations you have things you need to get done (and finish them by a certain time). Depending on the amount of work you do it could all have an effect on your health, your looks and your peace of mind. Whenever I am near an ocean, I love to just stand in front of the tide and just let my mind go. It relaxes me and it lets me know that there is more to this planet than just my responsibilities. I also get the same exuberance when I take a walk at night and gaze up into the stars. There is so much more to this universe but you will ┬ánever know if you don’t take a moment to breathe and take it all in. When you have a lot of responsibilities it will weigh in on you in one way of another. Take period moments to get out of your box and explore the things you never noticed before. Be at peace with yourself by not allowing your circumstances to get the best of you. Whenever I see faces of people in early morning rush hour traffic none of them looks happy. That’s because they have things to do and time deadlines to meet. Most of them don’t have time or desire to even smile. Make some time to marvel at life and bring an inner peace to yourself.. I honestly think in the long run you will be glad you did… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Harold Melvin’s Bluenotes (“Wake up everybody”) in concert with Brett Jolly on bass guitar