Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Family”)

One of our biggest blessings “should” involve family. Normally when you are family you are “supposed” to have each other’s back. However, since each person is different, all families are not the same either. I find that most families have at least one (or 2) “deviant members” who seem to have some type of unique behavior that the rest of the family can’t explain. When family comes to your aid that is great. However, when families jump into your personal business and then tell you how to run your life then that can have an adverse effect. While you would want your family to advise and express it doesn’t mean that they are always correct. Everyone has an opinion. A lot of people can tell you how to run your life. However, none of those people can guarantee that you will be happy living up to their standards. If your family doesn’t know what you are dealing with then they shouldn’t tell you how to direct your life until they at least find out. A lot of times family members will be more concerned about fixing your life than they will be about their own. The most vocal ones are usually the ones who have their own set of problems that they can’t seem to handle (but yet they will still consider themselves experts on what you are dealing with anyway). ┬áToday’s Daily Thought has nothing to do with my own family. I love mine and all is well. I just happened to talk to someone the other day who had issues with family. Communication is a great way to attempt to resolve all issues and with family members it is important to “listen as well as speak.” When a conversation becomes one sided then that means that there are elements that are being left out. Family can be extremely beneficial as long as it doesn’t involve control. If your family is supportive and caring then that is the most important feature you can have. However, no one should judge something (or someone) that they don’t know. Maybe they should just hold their tongues until they at least “find out.” All in all, family is greatest when it can “do for you,” not for what it can “do to you.”┬áThank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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