Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“A killing streamed live on Facebook. Should they share any responsibility?”)

A troubling story: A man in Cleveland decided to kill a “random man” and broadcast it live on Facebook. Of course, killings take place all the time around the world, but in this case several factors should be of major concern. First, he didn’t even know this man he killed and sought him at random. Most murders are usually premeditated in some way and done out of anger against someone specific.  Killers either know who they are going to kill or they kill someone by accident. Neither of these was the case in this scenario. Also this man claimed to have killed others (To date there were no previous reports or evidence of this). The most alarming thing to me is the fact that he wanted to broadcast it “live” on Facebook. This makes this situation no longer about just random violence but more about fame. If his true desire was just to kill anyone he could have easily just done so. However, the fact that he wanted to share it “live” with Facebook meant that the killing was no where near as important as the “attention he gets from killing.” That means that this man could be considered a lot more dangerous because now he is achieving that fame he sought for killing. Also at this point he has no reason to hold back on anything. He already knows that he is a walking dead man with a timer. He is probably prepared to take anyone and everyone with him when they finally do catch him. For those of you who don’t know this is the story:

Of course, this man probably does have some mental issues (or maybe even a really troubled childhood, or he could be off his medication). However, if he was able to strategically plan this whole violent presentation and organize the filming on Facebook then he does have enough rationality to be held accountable for his actions.” I’m sure police are checking his background and contacting those close to him to determine his next moves. There are a ‘”lot of sick people in the world.” They suffer from depression, delusions, stress and psychotics. The ideal thing would be if we could recognize people in this condition and then alert authorities “before” they actually commit any random acts of violence. While theoretically Facebook can’t be blamed for the killing, the usage of its “live broadcast feature” could have been viewed as the catalyst behind this man’s motivation. A LOT more people are streaming live on Facebook now, but is it too much? I can promise that this incident is only the beginning and many more will use Facebook live to post more troubling videos. This could be a Pandora’s box for more sick people in need of attention. Most sick people will actually “state” their views on their pages before they “snap.” I think that someone needs to “monitor and report” anyone who  posts any disturbing manifestos on their page. If we know about them beforehand then there is a chance we can thwart them “before they carry their aggressions out.” It would be a lot of work for someone to do. Now WHO should be responsible for monitoring these people’s pages? “How about Facebook…?” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
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