Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“What propels people to lie?”)

Imagine this scenario: A good friend bought a new hat and wants your opinion on it. In your mind that hat is the most atrocious thing you have ever seen. However, this is your friend and you don’t want to hurt his or her feelings. How blunt should you be? If you don’t state “exactly how you feel about the hat” then you would “in some essence be lying.” A lie is something that is not true. If you say “anything encouraging about the hat” then you would not be telling the truth. Under these circumstances a LOT of people would prefer to tell a lie rather than make someone else feel bad. Are you one of those people? What about those other people who misperceive? There are many who actually “believe they are telling the truth when the real fact is they are telling lies and not even aware of it.” Their perceptions of reality have been altered. We depend on our brain to process information, but our brains can often be fooled by what we “think” we are experiencing. Some people believe they see ghosts. Some of us might have seen aliens but are not sure. Everyone’s perceptions are not the same. It has been proven that some folks “hear and see” things differently. Who is to say that anyone else’s reality is more realistic than yours? Lying is something that happens more frequently than you would like to believe. So what propels us to lie? Do we lie to avoid confrontation? Do we lie to convince ourselves? If you manage to live long enough you are bound to encounter someone who has lied to you. I can even take this one step further. A lot of your morals and teachings that you grew up with could be lies as well. When I was brought up I was told that I should do well in school so that I could make a great living when I grow up. However, the fact is that there are “many” people who never went to college and yet still become millionaires. Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy are prime examples. Does that mean that those values that were taught to me were really lies? I have found that a lot of people who pay money to get their masters degrees end up with a piece of paper that (in most cases) still won’t help them to get a job. Were these people lied to? During the Presidential election you were told that your vote counts. However, if a candidate loses the popular election but still manages to become President then were you lied to? The issue here is not whether or not you are going to be lied to. The real fact is that this “will” happen. The big issue is “whether or not you can actually identify a lie when you hear it.” You have a choice in what you want to believe. Are you willing to disavow everything you have been taught to find the real truth? This would surely alter your world significantly but it might also give you “greater insight.” The very fabric of our existence may have been built on lies that we just cannot recognize. In other words we may be too close to the screen for us to be able to see the whole picture. The choice is that we can continue to believe in what others want us to believe in or we can set out to find our own truth. “OR” maybe this whole article was just a lie to begin with and everything is really true now. ┬áConfused? You should be. See if you can find the lies in your own life. You might be very surprised at what you discover. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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