Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“How can you tell if someone loves you?”)

This was an interesting question I had with someone the other day. Since people are so different that I don’t think there is a clear cut answer to this one. However, I do believe I would be safe in saying that if someone really likes you then you would probably get a good deal of smiles from this person whenever you’re around. Many are afraid of rejection and will often keep their feelings hidden or submerged, but you can’t lie to yourself. If someone seems to “light up” whenever you are around them then that could also be a sign. Then the question turns to whether or not you should let someone know that you like ( or love) him or her. My answer to that would be, “It depends.” If someone is already hooked up in a relationship then it might be “very awkward” to let that person know how you feel. That could cause problems all around. However, if that person is single (and you are single as well) then it might be a good thing to let it be known. I do believe there should be some sort of time element involved. Get to know the person well enough before divulging any feelings. Make sure this person is beautiful on the outside and the inside. If you tell someone that you love them after just meeting them then your sincerity could possibly be questioned. We can’t help what we feel inside (even though most of us are capable of camouflaging it). To be able to love is a human trait that I hope we all would have. When you say what you feel rejection can hurt (and often does) but you need to be prepared for it. There is no guarantee that someone will love you back. No matter what happens (or doesn’t happen) the most important love is “love for yourself.” If you keep this concept in mind it could take the sting out of any rejection. With that being said, there is this song by a neighbor of mine that I really like. This song was never a big hit but for some reason I just love it. His name is Bunny Sigler and this song is simply entitled “Somebody loves you.” I hope you enjoy the track. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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