Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Are we afraid to succeed?”)

I have found that a lot of people have big dreams and aspirations. Some even have great business ideas and concepts. However, I have also found that many of those great dreams “never amount to being more than dreams” because people are often afraid to implement them. Why is that so? Why are we so afraid to succeed? When we wait on leaders (or someone else) to make changes for us we end up stifling our own creativity. We wait so long that we often lose our inspiration and momentum in the process. Some people will sit back to see if the government enacts some bill or they will wait until they check the stock market to see if conditions are more favorable. If you believe in your concept then why not just go for it and take a “leap of faith?” If you are unsure of how successful your idea will be then why not just do more research homework on the industry beforehand? An educated entrepreneur will always have an advantage simply because he or she knows more. In some instances it is good to “run your idea by friends” to see what questions they would have about your business idea. One of the most important things to consider is “Who is your target market?” In other words, what group of people are you aiming to sell your product or services to? Once you find that market it should make it a lot easier to determine the next steps needed to run it. Then you need to consider how you aim to promote it. If no one knows of your product or service then no one will buy it. For a lot of people there is a feeling of stability in working for someone else. You never have to worry about any big decisions and most of the pressure is just in “showing up on time for work.” However, your rewards are “pretty much fixed in this situation.” You are working to make money for others instead of yourself (and maybe they will vote to pay you more or maybe not). When you are in charge the size of your reward will largely depend on you more than anyone else. You can make as much as you want depending on how successful you are at it. Of course, failure can happen but that is a risk that can happen no matter where you are (and it has been known to happen to the biggest of companies). Your expertise is what will get you through, and if you don’t feel confident enough to try then I strongly suggest you “increase your knowledge of the market.” One of the worse scenarios is to wait until you are in the twilight of your life and then realize “I should have done this.” You can take baby steps at first of you can take giant steps, but it is important to take steps. You will never know your potential until you strive to reach it. If you have some great idea that is just “sitting in the back of your mind” then you may want to consider taking that leap of faith. Yes, it could fail… but it also might make you wealthier than you ever imagined. Each journey starts with the “first step.” Believe… and reach…” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


Skpye: Brettjolly1

Brett  Jolly portraying Billy Cox in the Jimi Hendrix tribute



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