Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The return of the Phantom Poet”)

I don’t want to sound angry, frustrated or bitter

But I never thought we’d have a president who “governs by Twitter”

He wants to bar illegal immigrants and keep them out for life

but never entertained the idea when it came to his wife

He claimed that Hillary was a criminal because of hacked emails that were sent

But changes his tune completely on emails of his Vice President

He says he has nothing to hide but we know what the natural fact is

To this date he “still” has not been willing to show us his taxes

He has a particular message that he wants to share with all

“Instead of building a bridge, let’s just build a wall”

When it comes to his inconsistencies he has managed to raise the bar

And we still have problems believing him about his ties to the USSR

And he also claims that ex president Obama illegally wiretapped his tower

His erratic statements seem to be getting stronger “by the hour”

Who knows what other solutions he may have hidden in his basement?

Does he really think his new plan for repealing Obamacare is a suitable replacement?

The problems he has set off appear to be far worse than just random emails

He has managed to tick off minorities, veterans, other republicans and females

When it comes to his political victory he never refuses a chance to gloat

Even though everyone knows that he didn’t come close when losing the popular vote

How he managed to even get elected I think we all are “stumped.”

Well guess what, America? I hate to say it, but you’ve been “Trumped.”


A political revelation from the “Phantom poet”


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Brett Jolly with Good Morning America host Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts and Brett Jolly










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