Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Are we a society that is too obsessed with Facebook and Instagram?”)

For the record, there are lots of positives that can be derived from social media like Facebook and Instagram. For one, it improves the level of communication between people. It also helps to spread information that people need to know. However, is there such a thing as “too much?” When people tell you that you are on Facebook too much, then does that means that “they themselves” would have had to been on Facebook too much to even “see” that you were on there? These social media are favorite pastimes for lots of people and should normally be considered “harmless.” However, when your obsession with them “distorts your own sense of reality” then it may be time to take a step back. For instance, if you check in “every break you have” then that means your life is in your computer (or phone). If you sign in and  take note of “everything you can” in news feed while spending an exorbitant amount of time online checking out everybody else then you are online way too long. People post a lot of their personal issues on Facebook. They “really don’t need to.” That is when your personal life becomes public domain and your issues can (and most often will) be subjected to scrutiny. I have had people tell me little things about my own page that I didn’t even know. When someone gets that detailed about “your” Facebook life then you need to take note. I have a friend that throws tirades from time to time on Facebook. He talks about people and will often make derogatory statements that classify people by the wrong category. He often gets a lot of negative feedback. He says that he doesn’t care and if anyone has a problem with his posts then just “de-friend” him. That is an honest option for most people, but an even better option is to just “spend less time with Facebook and Instagram and enjoy real life more.” You can always take a walk, have a real conversation with a friend or just go ride a bike. There is often a LOT of drama going on in Facebook and your obsession with it will only help to “distort your own reality.” When you start to judge people by their postings rather than through your own personal verification then you are “truly addicted.” When you are “addicted” to it then your values automatically become the values of those you track online. There is more to life than your “sign in page.” A great way to tell if you are on Facebook too much is to actually “see if you can abstain from it for 10 days.” If you have no problem staying away from it, then you are “not hooked.” However, if staying away from it brings about some sort of “withdrawal symptoms then you might need counseling. If you can control your handling of Facebook then that is a great thing. When Facebook controls you then that is “not” a great thing. Do yourself a favor and take a “real break” from time to time (and stop being so obsessed with the personal postings of others). There is life and a world beyond Facebook if you just take the time to check it out for yourself. What you might discover could be “more uplifting” than reading about a whole lot of drama. Find a “real” life, and more importantly, find yourself again. “Take… a break…” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought page, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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