Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Replacing Obamacare”)

As I have said before, I usually do not like to get involved in political issues, but this thing about replacing Obamacare seems to be growing so fast that neither you nor I can  afford to ignore it any longer. If I am not mistaken, the original purpose of it was to ensure that healthcare could be obtainable for everyone. If the figures that I read were correct, millions more Americans became insured as a result of it. I also recognize the fact that it had “bugs” in the system which brought about some unfavorable outcomes. If it accomplished the main objective of getting people insured then to me the only thing left is to just “tweet it” so that things can get fixed. However, our new President has just introduced something that he hopes will be the perfect replacement for the current health care system. From what I recently read, BOTH parties appear to be soundly in favor of “rejecting it” so far. We all know that with new leadership often comes a “new way of thinking.” My belief is that if the new  leader opposed the healthcare system so much then why didn’t he “already” have a viable solution “in place” when he took office? It is one thing to complain about how bad something is. It is another to have the perfect alternative to it “ready to go.” Obviously if member of BOTH parties are not in favor of it then this package may have been put together “too hastily” and it was probably “not very well thought out.” That could lead to an even bigger disaster. Many people don’t want to sign up for health care now because they have “no idea” how this thing is going turn. What you sign up for  today could easily be obsolete tomorrow, and that is reason for  concern. People need healthcare, but if the costs of having it are too high then they won’t be able to afford it anyway. Now the question is, “Is the main objective to do away with Obamacare entirely or is the main objective to put together a package that works for Americans who want to obtain healthcare?” I would prefer to have something that works and I don’t care if it contains an element of Obamacare or not. When you put your political differences in my options then that doesn’t go well with me at all. How do you feel about that? The Trumpcare circus is coming to a healthcare provider near you. Even though it may seem entertaining to some I doubt it will be fun to watch. If you are going to completely repeal Obamacare, then “at least” come back with something that is “better.” If you can’t do that, then you may as well just “leave things as they are.” At least with the current  system more people are insured. Maybe these leaders can come up with something that fits the needs of the American people rather than support their own personal political agendas. From what I have seen so far, I just can’t imagine that happening. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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