Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Can looks be deceiving?”)

So many of us rely more on what we see rather than what we actually know. If we see a video of a crime being committed most of us will automatically assume that the perpetrator is guilty. However if the video doesn’t show all the aspects of what happened “before” the crime was committed (or even after) then that could mean that evidence might get lost. We are a “visual” society. What we judge depends a lot of what we can actually see.  When it comes to relationships many of us “start” from what we see. The first impression is usually the most important. If a woman sees a man who is dressed well, tall and clean cut that could be a turn-on for her. However, until she gets to “know” that man he could have a LOT of demons to him. The same can be said for some women. Just because a woman has a great figure with long hair doesn’t necessarily mean that she is a “great catch.” It just means that she “looks” great. Our vision could be our greatest asset, but it could also be our greatest liability. Most racism “starts” with what someone “perceives visually.” You can’t “feel” someone’s color.  They could look at someone and automatically assume that he or she is of a certain race. However, without truthfully knowing the heritage and family line of that person, that perception could be incorrect. For many people “we are what we THINK we are” and most of that comes from what we perceive visually. So how much should we depend on our eyes? Should we take everything we see for granted? I always say that the person with the greatest vision is someone who can see “beyond the surface.” A man who commits a crime is often viewed as a menace to society. However, if that man had been physically abused as a child and subjected to horrible things would we still view that man as a perpetrator or a victim? Often what we don’t know has an impact on what we see. “Everything is not always as it looks to be.” The less we rely on our vision the better our chances of perceiving the “real reality.” That may sound crazy at first, but when you think about it you might find a lot of sense in this. I hope your vision is true today. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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