Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Remembering an experience with Aretha Franklin and the Emotions”)

I have been in experiences with Aretha Franklin on several occasions. She is “truly” a diva, but she is someone who has accomplished a lot in the industry. She has been through good moments and bad, but she has still managed to “remain the queen of soul.” One year my group had been asked to play for her Christmas party. She had them in Detroit and she tries to throw them each year. This particular year we were asked to play for the group “The Emotions.” They had hit songs like “You got the best of my love” and they also sang on “Boogie Wonderland.” Their voices and harmonies were great, and their vocal ranges were extraordinary. It was a pleasure to perform with them. This particular year there was a big snow storm in Detroit. We were supposed to fly out the day before but they had 24 inches of snow so our flights got cancelled. Well, we had to scramble to get out there so the next day (the day of the actual gig) the airlines had to find a way to make room for us to catch a flight. We had a big band (with horns) going out there and there was barely enough room for about 5 of us. The rhythm section went first while the others waited for the next plane. We made it to the destination, but our luggage “didn’t.” It was a great thing that I was allowed to place my bass guitar in the carry on section, otherwise I would never have had it in time. The show was that evening and I got there “just in time for sound check.” They were getting ready to start just as soon as I came in.  This thing looked like it was going to be a disaster. However, the next plane of musicians finally made it in (barely right before the time to start) and we managed to pull off the show. The Emotions were really happy and they loved us. Aretha was happy too and  I still don’t know how we managed to do this gig. We had a great time. My luggage finally got there sometime after the gig was over. Of course, the next day was not as stressful, because then we were headed back home. More snow had fallen and of course, our flight was canceled again. It was that kind of day. Finally, we made it home, but of course, my luggage “didn’t… again!” At least not when I got there. This gig could have easily been a catastrophe but through the grace of God we managed to make it happen.I just wanted to share this memory with you today and hope you don’t mind. Sometimes people get to see the actual show but never get to see the “complications” that usually happen before (and sometimes during)  the show. The main thing is that we made it there, played, got paid and made it back home. In that regard, it was a “great gig.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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The Emotions in concert in Detroit with Brett Jolly on bass


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