Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Yesterday was Valentine’s Day”)

Some of you probably had a great day yesterday, while for others it might have been more of a challenge. What is it about Valentine’s day that can cause such a wide display of emotions? I think most of it can probably be put into one word… “expectations.” Love is what you give, but also love is what you get in return. It should be reciprocal but the real question is whether or not it is “equally given.” While 2 people could love each other, the “amount” of love might be distributed in different percentages. For instance, one person might only be giving 70% of what he or she feels, while the other person could be giving 100%. Why do relationships sometimes work that way? Part of it could be because love is “part what you feel and also part what you know.” On the surface you could be totally attracted to someone. However, what you know about that person could impair you from giving ALL of your love. For instance, if you know that your partner drank heavily (and you are a non drinker) then that could stop you from giving your all to that person. Also, if you feel that the person is careless or reckless that could have an impact as well. When that happens, how do you get around it? The first thing you need to do is recognize the fact that “no one” is perfect. We all have flaws, so if you are expecting the perfect person you are in for a big letdown. Also, you need to realize the fact that you are not perfect either. None of us are. You need to know what “your own flaws are.” With that being said, the best love is when you work on your flaws together. You may not accomplish the change you seek, but as long as you are putting effort into it then it “should” make a difference. When you have disagreements (we won’t call them arguments) there is a time factor that should be involved. Having confrontations when you are tired, hungry or frustrated should always be postponed until a better time. I do realize that some people have to vent “right there and then” but it is difficult for most people to hear what is being said when they are “emotionally distraught.” During this time the most important thing you can do is just “agree to disagree” and don’t read more into it than what is there. When cooler heads prevail you can actually get more accomplished. Love may be great, but no one said that it is easy. I hope your Valentines Day was great yesterday, and if not, then I hope your day after was a great recovery from a bad Valentines Day. Truth be told, love should be celebrated more than just once a year anyway (smile). Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life (and love) has to offer.


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Actress Gabrielle Union with Brett Jolly

Gabrielle Union and Brett Jolly


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