Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“When you texted him at 8:44 and it’s 8:44 and he still hasn’t responded back to you yet

Someone sent this to me, and as stupid as this may sound on the surface for some people it is “actually reality.” There are several things wrong with this statement, and I only hope that when you check this out you don’t fit into this category. This doesn’t necessarily have to apply only to women reaching out to men. It can also apply to men reaching out to women as well. The sad part about this is that when you get upset over not getting an “immediate” response back then it doesn’t say much about the man, but it says a LOT about you. Self esteem should be important to very individual. If you can’t feel good about yourself then how can you expect others to feel good about you? While this statement is really a gross exaggeration anything even remotely close to it should be deemed unnecessary. The only man who should have freedom to talk to you all day long should be a bum who lives on a park bench, because if a man is available to chat and text with you all day long then he obviously has no job. If you have nothing else to do all day but chat and text with him then that means you need some form of activity as well. Relationships are great, but we should never put ourselves in a position where we are so dependent on them that nothing else matters. It is great to love someone, but it is also great to love yourself. Every relationship should have some form of “space” to it so that you can at least have the chance to “miss” one another from time to time. I am not saying you need to “disappear for long lengths of time” but it is important to have a good balance of “love time” and “you time.” This concept also applies for those who need to explain or divulge everything they do so that their whereabouts are always accounted for. Love should not be about control. If you have faith and trust in someone, then when you text him or her you will “automatically understand” that your partner is “busy at the moment and will get right back to you as soon as he or she is finished.” When you call right back (because you feel he didn’t respond back to you quick enough) then it  gives off an air of insecurity and/or weakness. Unless it is an emergency (correction: a “REAL” emergency) then you should allow some time for your partner to at least finish up and contact you back. When you allow your imagination to get you upset (over what you THINK could be happening) then you are only ruining your health and stress levels in the process and that is not good. Faith can get you through a lot of obstacles, but only if you allow it into your heart. In order for your partner to feel that you are secure, he or she won’t realize if from what you say, but rather from what you do. When you believe in your partner, your partner will believe in you. When you believe in you, your partner will also believe in you. Stop worrying about things you imagine in your head that never happen. Give your partner enough space to respond back to you and watch how much happier you both can be. If you feel you need to know every aspect of everything that your partner does then it is no longer about love, but rather control. Be stronger and smarter than that. You count too. Allow him the opportunity to “check up on you” from time to time.  Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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The Whispers in concert with Brett Jolly on bass

The Whispers and Brett

One thought on “Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“When you texted him at 8:44 and it’s 8:44 and he still hasn’t responded back to you yet

  1. femalewantstoknow says:

    Okay, Mr. Jolly. The world has heard you. 🙂

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