Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Meryl Streep’s comments”)

Evidently I had not paid much attention to recent current events, but for some reason yesterday I kept seeing and hearing the name “Meryl Streep.” From all I knew she was a very accomplished actress. Then I heard that many people were chiming in on something she recently said, so naturally my curiosity was raised at that point. When I checked it out I found that at the Golden Globe awards she was announced the winner of the Cecil B. Demille Lifetime Achievement Awards and during her acceptance speech she made reference to a person vying for the office of President mocking a disabled reporter. Of course, we all know by now that the person of power was President Elect Donald Trump (even though she didn’t mention him by name). While the award show may not have been the most ideal place to make a political statement, was it truly wrong of her to make mention of that situation? I’m sure there will be a lot of opposing answers to this question. President elect Trump took to Twitter the next morning and promptly labeled her an “overrated actress” and a “Hillary lover.” For the record, today’s Daily Thought is not about “taking sides on this issue.” I could really care less about who is right and who is wrong. Ms Streep slammed Mr. Trump for behavior that she “felt was inappropriate” and like anyone else she may have been entitled to her opinion. I don’t think it was Mr. Trump’s response that people had issues with, but rather the fact that he “felt the need to respond at all.” I think everyone knows that when you have a high position as the Presidency people are going to come at you. You literally have a bull’s eye target on your back and people are aiming for it. I don’t know of any one President that “everyone liked and no one said anything bad about.” When Trump responded back it had a double whammy effect, because then all the media began playing that tape showing what he said and did for everyone to see yet again. Trump said he never mocked the reporter. You can look at the clip yourself and make your own determination. I have no intention of bashing President elect Trump today, but I will state that if he plans on upholding the office of the President then he may want to stop lashing back so much at those who oppose him. Being the President means you have to look out for everyone (which includes those who may not have voted for you). While it is difficult to please everyone, it is a lot easier to offend everyone if you keep focusing your energies on them. It is possible that people would have respected him a lot more if he had just “taken the high road and let it go,” focusing instead on the tasks he has ahead of him. When people know they can push your buttons “they will do so with regularity.” Just accept the fact that not everyone is going to like you (no matter what you do). I generally hate talking about politics, because so many people have different opinions. However, the more he entertains the negativity of people, the more flack he is going to get from those those wanting to push his buttons. In that regard he “ain’t seen nothing yet.” I just hope that he realizes what he has to contend with and not run a “retaliatory Presidency.” The election is over and he won. It is now time to “move on, and that includes us AND him.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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