Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“New Years Resolutions”)

Well, it is officially a new year and I have already heard some people say that they want to make changes in their lives for this upcoming year. I think it is admirable for people to have New Year resolutions. I think it would be more admirable if people actually lived up to the resolutions they make. To make a resolution usually means that you want to improve on something that relates to your own behavior. To me that is always a great thing to do (if you can really do it). According to published reports, the top resolutions that people make are as follows:

Lose weight, getting organized, spend less, save more, enjoy life to the fullest, staying fit and healthy, learn something exciting, quit smoking, help others in their dreams, fall in love, spend more time with family

These reports also state that the percentage of people who actually are successful in achieving their New Year resolutions amount to only 8%. That is a fairly low number. I think in order to accomplish what you want in life you have to plan it rather than just say it. Breaking any type of bad habit is not easy for most (especially those in their later years). This year I didn’t make a resolution for myself, but that is because I am constantly looking for ways to improve myself anyway. I often set up goals for myself, and while I do realize that my planning needs to be even better I am slowly getting to where I want to go. Sometimes it isn’t “reaching your destination” that gives you fulfillment but rather “the journey on the way to that destination.” Just “knowing” that you are taking the necessary steps to improve can make a big difference in your life. My main goal is to simply “expand musically” and that encompasses a lot of details which would be difficult for me to go into now. I am not satisfied to just “stay where I am” and as long as I live I intend to “grow.” For others who make resolutions I only hope that you have already taken the proper steps to get there (after all, today is already January 3rd). If you have not put anything into place yet then this may be a long and challenging year for you. Above all it would be awesome if you could give your life “purpose.” Each goal in life starts with the dream, and each journey to that goal starts with the “very first step.” You may be  able to fool others, but you can’t fool yourself. Make a plan and stay dedicated to it, and you may discover your own self generated happiness within. These are some of the things that can make life “special.” Hopefully you can see this concept. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the absolute best that life has to offer.


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Recording artist Dwele in concert with Brett Jolly on bass

Dwele Unity Day


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