Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Music star in the Industry: Blessing or Curse?”)

Yesterday I posted a story on George Michael, the excellent singer who died and never really felt comfortable with the music industry. He had it all, or did he? When you think of it, how many other great stars struggled with issues while dealing with fame? Marvin Gaye’s life may have been great onstage, but his life problems were well chronicled with drugs, depression, and even his divorce. The good thing is that Marvin’s music showcased everything he felt and all that energy was re-channeled into his hits. Amy Winehouse was a walking drug time bomb. The people who managed her knew about her addictions and probably could have ordered her to get help (but of course, she never got it). She died a victim to her own demons. The same could also be said for Whitney Houston. Her life went from the very top to the very bottom and I just can’t imagine that no one could help her (or even offer). Her people had to know about it. How could they not? Years ago, Phyllis Hyman suffered from depression and drug use. I played for her memorial service and it was so sad, because people seemed to struggle trying to say good things about her. How is it that someone on top of the music world could have so many problems dealing with life? Many of us have probably wished we could have been recording stars, but considering what has happened to a lot of them would we still feel the same way now? One thing I have deduced is that wealth and fame do not necessarily guarantee happiness. If it did, then why have all these people struggled and suffered? Rick James died from drug overdose. Janis Joplin died from overdose. Bob Marley died from overdose. Jimi Hendrix died from overdose. What feels unfathomable to me is that 2 of the greatest stars ever (who both were extreme heath nuts) died the same way. Michael Jackson “seemingly” died from an accidental drug overdose and Prince died the same way. Does that seem “too coincidental” to you? With all of this happening why does it feel like in order to be a pop star you practically have to “sell your soul to the devil?” I have been a part of the industry for a while, even though I have only played for some of those who were headliners. While it is easy to wish you could be them, we don’t really know what they have to contend with whenever they come “offstage.” I do know that whenever one of these celebrities dies “someone who owns the rights to the music gets paid royally.” Maybe there is a story there…. On second thought… maybe not… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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