Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (” The trial of the former America’s Dad”)

For many years Bill Cosby was the “perfect role model” for America. He was not only a positive figure for Black America, but for all people of all races. He had a hit show about an African American family called the Huxtable’s on the Cosby show a few years back. He didn’t have to portray any Black people in a negative limelight (like a lot of movies and shows do). He actually made success happen promoting “positive images.” While a LOT of celebrity Black figures have been brought down during recent years with allegations (Tiger Woods, OJ Simpson, Kobe Bryant) Bill Cosby managed to remain the epitome of righteousness… “until now…” Currently Mr. Cosby is slated to go to trial after this year on charges that he drugged a woman and assaulted her. The court is currently considering whether or not to allow testimony from other women who also claimed Cosby assaulted them as key witnesses against him. All of a sudden, Bill Cosby’s reputation doesn’t seem so perfect now. He is now legally blind (and I think he is 79 years old) and the accusations against him are very old (However, that doesn’t mean that they are false). I don’t know the validity of the charges against him so I cannot speak on whether he is innocent or guilty. I do know that everyone is “supposed to be innocent until proven guilty” in a trial (but I don’t know if that concept is always exercised like it is supposed to be). From what I have heard of the case so far, the story of his accuser seems to be somewhat shaky (plus the time that has elapsed since the time of the alleged infraction until now may come into play as well). I didn’t think much about this case until I recently saw “pictures” of the women who are coming forth to make accusations against Cosby, and this is where I throw up the “caution” flag. From what I saw, most (or all) of his accusers are White (Caucasian) women. While I do not condone assault of ANY kind against ANY woman, I can’t help but fear that this case may blow up into another “Trial of the Century” just like that of OJ Simpson, but for all the “wrong” reasons. You see, whether or not we want to admit it, “race sells…” Even if you try to ignore it, chances are the “races” of these women may come into play when it comes to popularity opinion against Cosby. Whether he is guilty or not, it still needs to be proven in court. Once that “race card” starts getting played it automatically “taints” the perception of the observer. Bill Cosby needs a fair trial (EVERYONE does). If the pictures of these women get posted for everyone to see then Cosby may be “doomed” before the trial even starts. ┬áIf he is guilty then he needs to go to jail. Let’s just hope that “visual perception” doesn’t “condemn” him before this trial even begins. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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