Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The new generation of star performances”)

I realize that things change as we go through life and some of the things I once valued may never be the same again. I can accept the new direction that music has gone in, even though I may not necessarily like it. This is not a knock on Rihanna or Drake (or anyone else in this new generation of stars). However, I like “live” performances as opposed to those where the artist sings along with the track (and in most cases you will hear the track voice over the real one). I guess as long as the audience can’t tell then there is no harm. “I can tell…” When an artist sings along with the track then that means that his or her vocals are not trusted enough to carry the show on it’s own strength. If you notice, I am basically focusing on the newer generation of stars, even though many of the old generation of stars are now doing the same thing. When you sing along with the track you don’t have to worry about straining your voice or getting hoarse. Instead you can concentrate on the dancing (or movement) phase where you don’t have to worry about trying to sing while getting “out of breath.” Many years ago artists used to cancel shows whenever their voices were messed up or if they had a cold. Nowadays they can just rely on that “vocal track” to carry on for them (while they “pretend” that it is their real voices you are hearing). This video clip is a prime example. Rihanna is barely lip syncing through this piece, and in some instances you will still hear her voice even though the microphone may not even be up to her lips. When Drake comes out his voice sounds a little “shaky” because you can hear more of his “real” voice as opposed to the vocal track. At one point when he and Rihanna simulate a “sex” act onstage he mistakenly holds the mic down while his voice still plays. As I said, this is not a knock on either one. This is just an example of where music is headed. The days of great live artists like Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston, Luther VanDross seem to have eradicated, and we are now left with “the pretenders.” It is possible that I am just growing old, but still I appreciate live music (and always will). I realize that most of this change is a direct result of “making money” so I can’t fault anyone for wanting to make a profit. However, I sincerely hope there is a way to keep “real live music” around. That is just my own wish. Thanks for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish the very best to you that life has to offer. Here is the video: