Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Do we all perceive the same?”)

Our society is based on principles that we all “see, know and learn” the same, but is that truly the case? What I may perceive could be completely different from what you do, but since I cannot see things through your mind there’s no way I can determine this. Most of us take for granted that everyone else hears, sees and processes information the same way. However, what about those individuals who are psychologically or physically challenged in some way? Some people will “actually hear voices in their heads” and to them those voices are “absolutely real.” Our laws are based on “general perceptions” that we just assume everyone should have. When people get older and experience dementia then their normal perceptions of the world begin to change. Who is to say that some younger people don’t encounter “perception altering experiences” as well? A killer believes in his or her own mind that it is okay to kill. A racist believes in his or her own mind that it is okay to discriminate. People are a product of their own surroundings and experiences, so if they don’t have the same upbringing that we had then should they be expected to have the same perceptions we do? A child brought up in a violent environment normally exhibits violence. A child brought up in a loving family type environment usually knows how to love others. Until we can find a way to make sure that everyone has the proper upbringing there will always be different views of the world. I may see a color as red but to you that same color just might actually be blue. I am able to hear music really well, and when I was younger I used to think that “everyone could hear music as well as I did.” I was surprised to find out that many people could not do so. We incorporate through the senses of touch, smell, taste, hearing and sight. If none of these senses are working properly then our perceptions of the world could be drastically altered. I think it would be important to take into consideration that people are different based on what they perceive. This may not make a difference in the person, but it might make a difference in how you “view” this person. “Everyone is unique,” and some have to go through more challenges in life than others. If we can “love beyond the surface” it might make a big difference in how others love us… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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