Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Just how far should you let someone’s suspicious activity go?”)

I have a friend of mine who within the past few months formed a relationship with someone he liked. He felt really good about this woman and in the beginning he seemed to feel very comfortable with her. However, as time moved on little things began to emerge about her that prompted some “red flags.” She seemed to suffer from bouts of suspicion and insecurity. She would often make accusations about him regarding infidelity or lack of trust that were not true (and she had no proof of, according to him). She stopped him from communicating with other women (even though it was part of his business to do so). She would put posts on his Facebook page alerting others that this man was in a relationship now so all females need to stop calling him. She constantly went into his wallet to withdraw money and the other day she went through his phone and started deleting pictures without his permission. Many people will formulate suspicions from time to time in relationships. However, how far should it be allowed it to go? If you allow your partner to go through your personal stuff for their own inspection, can that truly be labeled as a relationship of trust? Sometimes our own suspicions can lead to our own downfall. An accusation will always remain “just an accusation” until someone comes forth with the “proof” to make that accusation a “fact.” For the record, ANYONE can make an accusation, but if you can’t back it up then it may just work against you. Should you want to be in a relationship with someone who never trusts you? The other day my friend told me that he and the woman broke up over her insecurities. However, they did meet up recently to discuss things more. I hope they can iron out their differences. If you are in a relationship but you have to constantly defend yourself against accusations that are not true then you may need to reassess your situation. Faith and trust should be a strong component in your situation that helps build it even stronger instead of tearing it down. If you catch your partner in an action of infidelity then you have all the right in the world to question and be suspicious. However, if you are going through all that without anything to substantiate your claims then your relationship may be in trouble. Until faith is violated I believe that everyone should “at least” be entitled to the “benefit of the doubt.” For my friend I hope the both of them can come to a positive answer. Actually, I wish that for everyone. No one is perfect, so no relationship is perfect. However, that should not stop us from at least trying to make the necessary corrections. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Betty Wright, Vivian Green and Jaguar Wright with Brett Jolly playing bass in concert.



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