Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“This is really graphic but I couldn’t help but laugh”)

Please understand that I am NEVER one to promote profanity. Those people who know me will tell you that I usually try to respect everyone (and I wish to be respected in return). However, this particular song “had me on the floor laughing” even with it’s vulgar lyrics. If you are a musician who has ever dealt with shady people then you would probably get a big kick out of this. Someone sent it to me the other day so today I wanted to share this with you. This is extremely IMPORTANT to note: “IF YOU ARE OFFENDED IN ANY WAY WITH HEARING PROFANITY THEN PLEASE DO NOT CHECK OUT THIS SONG.” The profanity in this tune is terrible, but the humorous nature of the song helped to overlook it for me. If anyone is offended in any way I will apologize now, so if profanity bothers you then please refrain from even listening to this tune. This brought a smile to my face and enlightened my day when I heard it, and hopefully you will feel the same way after hearing it. As an artist, I love things that are unique and different. This fit the category very well:) No matter what disclaimer I put out there, I’m sure someone will have something very negative to say regardless. No need for it. There are bad words in the lyrics, and if you don’t like to hear them, then please DO NOT LISTEN (and please don’t send me any hate mail). Thank you and as always I would like with you the very best that life has to offer.

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