Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (” Just imagine for a second if the election really WAS rigged”)

Donald Trump has been saying for quite a while that the system is “rigged.” Of course, he is referring to the upcoming Presidential Election system that is to be held this Tuesday, November 8. This is a very strong statement to even assume. For the sake of legitimacy let’s actually “examine the possibility that he could be right.” Bernie Sanders ran against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. However, Wikileaks (with a leak of 20,000 emails) showed that the DNC staff actually discussed how to deal with Bernie Sander’s popularity as a challenge to Hillary Clinton. That would mean that instead of letting the primaries play themselves out in a “winner take all” scenario it was “quite possible” that Hillary was “already favored” before the contest even started. If this was indeed the case then one could safely argue the fact that the primaries were “somewhat rigged.” When we look at another “past” election, it had been said years ago that Al Gore won the “popular vote” while George Bush still claimed the Presidency when they ran against each other. Many believe to this day that particular election was “rigged.” So is it even “possible” that this election could be rigged also? While “anything is possible” it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is “probable.” Let’s just imagine for a second that some “electoral powers” had colluded to plot Hillary’s victory. If so, then what would have been the best way for them to make this happen? While Trump claims that the election (which has not even transpired yet) is rigged against him, is it quite possible that it was rigged “FOR” him when he ran in the Republican primaries? When you think about it, Trump won rather handily against his Republican adversaries, crushing most of them to become the nominee. Now imagine “this” scenario… If the “forces that be” wanted to ensure a Hillary victory on November 8, who would be the best candidate for her to run against in a fair election? Whether you agree or not, Trump’s campaign has practically “imploded” on many counts due to his own methodology for running his campaign. Many people believe that Trump himself has been responsible for his subpar poll ratings. What better way to ensure a Hillary victory than to have her run against someone who in many eyes seems unstable and disrespectful with a hot temper? Would it have been tougher for her to win against a Mario Rubio or a Ted Cruz? Because of Trump’s penchant for “self destructing” maybe it was somehow “ordained” for him to handily win those primaries so that Hillary could stand a better chance to beat an alleged “inferior candidate” in a “fair” election. As far fetched as this sounds, it is actually “quite possible.” So many shows and media have actually made a “joke” of Trump’s Presidential run that it is possible that our minds are being manipulated and we don’t even know it. In the eyes of many, NEITHER candidate seems trustworthy, but when choosing the lessor of 2 evils Clinton appears to have the edge today. When you think about it, just about “everything” we think has been “manipulated” through the media we watch and through the people and circumstances we encounter. That’s why politicians ask for so much money to promote their campaign. If our minds can be manipulated, then just about “anything” can be rigged. Trump “may” be right, or he may not… but the same system that he clams will work against him tomorrow is part of the same system that brought him to where he is today. If he didn’t complain about it then, should he complain about it now? Please keep in mind that today’s Daily Thought is “purely hypothetical” and we are “not insinuating by ANY means” that the election is rigged.” We know better than that. We merely decided to take a look at how it could possibly work if what Mr. Trump said is true. I invite you to draw your “own” conclusions. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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In the studio with Bill Withers (grey beard to far left) his daughter (next to him) and singer Anthony Hamilton (white shirt with cap) and Brett Jolly off to far right or picture



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