Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The power we have, but often don’t use, on our kids”)

After church yesterday I went into a fast food place. While in line I witnessed this young mother come in with 3 boys that seemed to lack “any sense of control.” If they acted up, she would simply say (rather lightly) “Stop.” It had “absolutely NO effect” on the kids whatsoever. She was talking to a friend of hers and saying things like, “These kids are really bad” and “I hope somebody takes them.”  The kids seemed to be so used to her statements that they didn’t even flinch at the comments. It was easy to tell that the boys could have done practically anything they wanted and the mother was powerless to stop or reprimand them. I could foresee the possible future of these boys just based on what I saw yesterday. First, a child who is not punished or reprimanded for undesirable conduct is a child who is “not ready for the world.” If you don’t get into the habit of “checking behavior early in life” then it will be much more difficult to do so later on… Also, she kept referring to her kids as being “bad.” When you give your kids that kind of identity then children will often “live up to the label that you give them.”  This lady told her friend that she was about to leave and she would let her kids find their own way home. I guess that was supposed to be some type of punishment for the kids. However, the way I saw it was that the parent was basically giving the kids a  free pass to “walk the streets” and cause any type of mischief they can. The responsibility of a parent is more than just “having kids and feeding them.” A child depends on the structure and guidance a parent should be able to provide. I guess it is unfair of me to judge the future of these kids based solely on what I witnessed yesterday, but unless some other type of intervention comes in to rescue them I just can’t see a positive outcome out of this. The real problem is that kids who are raised unsupervised will probably have a greater chance of committing crimes later on against someone whose parents raised them properly.  That would be an unfair burden on us, especially if we took the time and effort needed to nurture a child the right way. I am saying that as a parent your failure to raise your kids right could one day have an undesirable effect on the livelihood of all of us. In this situation I wanted to personally take my belt off and give these kids “a valid reason to hate (but yet respect) me,” but I know that if I had I would probably have been arrested for assault of a child. However, they may as well keep that jail cell warm, because at some point I believe these kids will eventually be there. Parenting is a full time occupation with “very” little benefits. If you can’t dedicate your life to it then don’t don’t bring kids into a world you cannot prepare them for… If you raise your children right, then your kids will thank you for it later. Thanks for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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