Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The issue of sexual assault… What can be done?”)

There is one thing that this Presidential debate has brought out that needs to be addressed, and that is the issue of “sexual assault.” For both candidates there appear to be accusations thrown that (if proven to be true) can be damaging. The problem is “How can you prove it?” Without any real evidence to back them up what can be done to verify the validity of any charges? All accusers against Bill Clinton and Donald Trump say their experiences happened many years ago. While there is no reason to disbelieve them there is nothing there to help substantiate their claims either. In both of these situations the “alleged offenders” were “men of power.” It is more difficult to prosecute men of power without having “more solid concrete evidence.” When this is combined with the fact that the women waited a long time before coming forward it only makes their claims “less” believable. I saw an interview recently with Ben Carson, the Republican candidate for President who dropped out of the race during the primaries. He said that these issues should not be allowed as part of the political process but rather should be brought up in a court of law. Do you agree? Both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton discredit the charges of their accusers and claimed that these charges were “politically rigged” to alter the election. Considering the fact that the charges happened so long ago but are being brought up now during this election has me a little “suspicious.” I am not saying that the women are being untruthful at all (in fact, I believe all of them to be credible) but the timing of it just appears to be more “politically motivated” to me. What can be done for women who feel they have been sexually assaulted? The first thing is to “gather proof.” Men of power are usually followed around by video. In fact, there are video cameras just about everywhere these days. Witnesses would help as well. If these assaults happened in a public atmosphere, changes are that many people were around to witness it. Don’t wait until you get home to determine if you have been wronged or not. That lapse of time can (and probably will) be used against you should you decide to bring up charges later. Also, your own past can be brought up in a court of law as well. If you allowed someone else to grope, grab or kiss you without your consent and it can be proven, then it automatically sheds doubt on your current charges of assault. Sexual assault is a serious issue for both women and men, but you need to know that it takes more than just “accusations” to make any charges stick. Until any of these charges can be substantiated, I feel we ought to leave them “out” of the political arena (and yes, that goes for “BOTH” candidates). Let’s allow the candidates to speak on their platforms and let’s make our determinations based on what they have to offer instead of what they have been accused of. I am Brett Jolly, and I endorse this message. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.

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