Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The Presidential campaign and debate… What do you think?”)

The Presidential candidates… Can we depend on either of them if elected to be President? The debate was last night and I’m sure the ones who were “already decided” when supporting their candidate did not change their minds based solely on this debate. However, what about the ones who were undecided? Did the debate do anything to sway them one way or another? Of course, Clinton already came into it with a sizable advantage due to the recently released remarks Donald Trump made on video about disrespecting and assaulting women. Trump apologized, but from what I heard many did not feel he was sincere. The question here is, “Should he have been held accountable for words he said in 2005?” Trump dismissed it as “locker room banter.” Should we consider it as such? I’m sure men who think they are speaking in confidence and secrecy will say things that they wouldn’t say openly to society. If that is the case, should he have been penalized for merely ranting with the boys? The truth is that the video is “extremely demeaning to women,” but if none of those women ever lodged a complaint against him and allowed it to happen then can it really be considered assault? I believe this video had been held and timed for release just so it could have an effect on this election (That seems fairly obvious to me). Somehow I have the feeling that there are more “worse” videos out there waiting to be released as well. Many of his former supporters in the Republican party have now shunned him because of those remarks. In all fairness I do believe others in high politics have said and done similar things (including perhaps Bill Clinton). However, Bill Clinton was never caught on video (and Bill is no longer running for President). Hillary Clinton allegedly covered up a lot of things with her erasing of private emails. She herself has admitted it was a mistake (which I am not convinced of either). The difference between her incident and Trump is that Trump can’t get away with labeling what he did (and said) as a “mistake.” For now Hillary can, but once more proof comes out that may change. For the debate, there were notable things that gave me concern. The one thing I had issue with was Trump declaring that if elected he would appoint a special prosecutor for Clinton’s deletion of emails. I did not think highly of this because if Trump is going to jail her for her crime then maybe he should appoint a special prosecutor for his alleged assault of women as well. Trump says he never really did it, but after seeing the video I just find that difficult to believe. When they grilled Trump about it he merely “deflected” to other issues without really addressing it and that was another concern for me. For the debate I felt Trump was the obvious aggressor. He attacked Hillary constantly and she was slow to answer some questions. The debate last night was “nasty.” The hatred was obvious. Did that help the candidates or us? Most of the things that have had a negative impact on Trump”s campaign have actually come from his own mouth. If he could exercise a little more control over his emotions then I honestly believe a lot more people would see him as being favorable. I will admit that for this debate he controlled himself much better than he had previously, but after all the things that he has said and done was it enough? Election day will tell that story. The sleeves are now “rolled up” for this one. I already know that people are out looking to level the table by attempting to dig up some kind of dirt on Bill Clinton. Don’t be surprised if something emerges soon. Until then, I just want this election to be over with so that we can get back to some degree of normalcy. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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