Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Is Trump a genius?”)

No, today’s Daily Thought is not about bashing Donald Trump. However, there are a few questions or concerns I would love to have addressed concerning recent activities in his campaign. Just recently there was a report out that Trump paid no taxes from an incident in 1995 where he claimed close to a billion dollars in losses due to his failed business ventures. Since he managed to pay no taxes for it, some of his colleagues and allies are now proclaiming him a “genius.” When you think about it, Trump obviously broke no laws in doing so and he only did what just about every American should do when it comes to taxes (He took advantage of whatever exemptions and allowances he could). However, should this make him a “genius?” First off, somehow I just can’t imagine Trump himself handling his own taxes. Most people in his income bracket “hire lawyers and tax experts” to find those deductions (because he would have had to take a lot of time from his busy day to figure all that stuff out on his own). So if we just “assume” that Trump actually “did” his own taxes and was the “genius” behind his business failings, then why did it take so long for him to produce his taxes? ┬áIt somehow feels as though he was purposely “procrastinating” while trying to figure out excuses on how to explain his situation to the public. I’m not saying this is the case, but for me it certainly “feels” this way. Now that we know, what should we get from this? From my understanding, this only makes me believe that the rich will always finds ways to “get richer at the expense of others.” Also, for me it raises a very intriguing point. If Trump was the genius that “knew” at that time that his failed businesses would make him tax exempt, does that mean that he “purposely planned and intended” for his businesses to falter just so he could take advantage of that windfall? If so, then he basically “sacrificed” the occupations and livelihoods of all those who worked for him just so he himself could benefit. Is that something that a “real genius” would do? Also, since he claimed all those liabilities of losing close to a billion dollars, does this mean that in actuality Donald Trump is really “broke?” That scenario is tough for me to imagine because he obviously still has lots of money. Trump might have actually been a genius in finding those loopholes, but he wasn’t a genius when it came to “operating those businesses” (because if he were then he would have continued to make more for everyone employed there, including himself). I also can’t imagine his casino (or anyone’s casino) losing a billion dollars in just one year. I used to play music at all his casinos. I would often go down to the kitchens where just about “everyone working there appeared to be immigrants who barely spoke English (if they spoke it at all). I performed at his lavish birthday party in August one summer at the Trump Marina (it has since been bought out and the name has changed). There were always tons of people there and a lot of them were unhappy from losing money (which meant that the casinos were making money). I have no problem with him taking advantage of tax loopholes. That is what he is supposed to so. I just find it difficult to believe that a “real genius” would have managed to lose 912 million dollars in one year in the first place. Claiming bankruptcy shouldn’t make you a genius. For me, I need to know if he will bankrupt the country in the same manner and then show us how to take advantage of it through tax exemptions. I apologize if this sounds like I am bashing Trump, but some of his dealings are raising questions for me. For the record, I don’t think Hillary Clinton is totally honest either, but I don’t see her claiming to be a genius when it comes to doing bad deals. If anyone can show how losing that much money makes you a genius, please let me know. In that case, I know a “LOT” of smaller geniuses. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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