Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Red Bass Guitar Photo shoot with Krista”)

Krista is one of my most “adventuresome” models. With each photo shoot I do with her there is “no telling” what may transpire. The only thing that is guaranteed with her is that “nothing will be normal.” For the record, I love models like that. I really admire imagination, creativity and uniqueness and Krista has it ALL. For this photo session she contacted me and told me she wanted to do a shoot with my guitar in downtown Philadelphia. Once I got there she informed me that it would be in the “middle of traffic.” I kept shooting pictures while continually looking behind me to make sure we were not about to get run over during the height of rush hour traffic. By the way, Krista is a really great singer too. Of course, due to the danger hazards, this photo shoot didn’t last long. However, as you can see, the pictures turned out really well. Hope you enjoy my featured model and as always I thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and I wish you the very best that life has to offer.



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