Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Should you always harbor hatred towards your ex?”)

Love can be so complicated at times. People are “supposed to love from the heart.” However, if you break up with someone can you actually “make” that love stop? If it comes from your heart then how is that even possible? Relationships are often complicated as well. The same reasons you love someone can eventually be the same reasons you end up hating him or her. The question then becomes “Should you hate your ex just because the both of you broke up?” From what I have heard of most people (not all) there tends to be quite a bit of hatred from those who “used” to be in a relationship. Why? Was it necessary? Every situation is different, but I found that most breakups occur when “love is betrayed.” Things like cheating, infidelity and lying seem to be the most common factors. “Money and trust” have also broken up quite a few relationships as well. However, once you have broken up with someone can you still keep a civil and friendly relationship with that person, or should you forevermore harbor animosity? With my past relationships I harbor “no” hatred. Anyone can talk to me and I will always remain friendly and cordial. It doesn’t mean that I forgot what happened between us. It only means that I have “forgiven” what transpired between us. Once I start spewing hatred then that means that I have allowed someone to push my buttons and alter my heart (and subsequently have some form of control). No one deserves the right to have that much power over me. No one is perfect and everyone is flawed, and that includes me. I prefer to see the flaws in you and move on. From time to time I still receive contact from my ex’s, and I gladly talk to them about anything (even when it comes to their new relationships). I feel good about that and I have no reservations concerning it. When it comes to dealing with a romantic interest in your past could you do the same? Is it possible to still be friends with someone you were once in love with?  While the love you had once made you happy, does that love now have to make you bitter? Whatever the reasons were for your breakup, “it’s still over.” Rehashing anything in your mind won’t make you feel any better about it. Part of the healing process is to find a way to “let go.” Once you stop looking over your shoulder at the past you might be able to see the great things ahead of you. There’s nothing wrong with “moving on with dignity.” Try it, and you may improve your own aspect on life… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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