Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“A look back at 911”)

I remember years ago on a September 11 date, when I was headed to work and heard on the radio that a plane had just crashed into the twin towers in New York. At that particular time I thought it was just a very bad accident gone wrong. Then after a while another plane crashed into the other building, and then everything became “obvious.” We were under attack. At work we all stopped to watch the television footage and I remember this building wobbling as though it was about to fall over. The camera shot was from a long distance, so it was difficult to get any close up footage. However, at some point you could see small bits of debris falling from the building. The only problem was that later on it was determined that it “wasn’t debris, but rather people jumping.” The United States’ second tallest buildings were about to collapse and people were about to die. After a while, the first building just seemed to disintegrate almost “unnaturally.” It had the look of a building that was “purposely imploded from the inside.” Instead of breaking off in pieces, the entire building just went down (and subsequently the second building broke up in the same manner). Since that awful day there have been a lot of conspiracy theories about what happened. Amazingly, after that incident, we decided to go to war and attack those responsible (but for some strange reason we went to war with them in the wrong country).  We had been the victims of terrorism, but to this day I still wonder if we got the whole truth. One thing I do know is that one plane was reported crashed in middle Pennsylvania. It had been alleged that the passengers tried to overtake the terrorists and that was when the plane went down. I do have a problem with this story. If indeed that plane was the last one to take off and disregarded orders to land at the nearest airport after doing a U-turn and heading back then it should be simple to determine what “really” happened. First, any President who already knew that 3 planes had already crashed would have to make a decision on what to do. Naturally the fist instinct would have been to radio the plane and find out why they disregarded orders to land. If they didn’t get an appropriate answer (and you already know they didn’t) then ANY President would have had to give orders to shoot it down from the sky. It only makes sense, because those people were going to die anyway. Why wait until they can make it back to crash into some place like the White House and kill others? There are a lot of things wrong with the events that transpired on that fatal 911 day. There isn’t enough time or space on my Daily Thought to go through everything but I invite you to Google the facts for yourself. I lost a good friend of mine named Calvin Bowser in this tragedy. We went to college together and I remember at one point I asked him how it felt to commute from Philadelphia to the world’s number one targeted place for terrorism. I remember him telling  me that he couldn’t worry about that, and he said that if they want to get you they can get you anywhere you work. He said he had a family to support and he was going to continue to work at the Trade Towers. It was so sad to see his picture in the paper for being one of those killed. No matter what you believe about 911, it was still a day that we all need to remember. It let us know how vulnerable we all are to terrorism and attack. To this day I will still continue to have  my doubts about a lot of it, but that won’t change my feelings about the terrible loss of life. Let’s hope we all can learn from this day. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always, I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


Brett Jolly with Good Morning America television host Robin Roberts

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