Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“When someone appears suicidal”)

I got a call yesterday from a woman who was highly distraught. Her life seemed to be a continuous challenge and she couldn’t understand why she couldn’t catch a break with anything in life. She screamed, she hollered, she cried and she threatened to take her own life. Even though I had a gig that I had to play I tried my best to just keep her talking. She told me that she “had it with everything” and hung up the phone. I called her back. I told her that her life story was a really tough one and that no one will deny what she feels. However, I told her that her life could still serve a great purpose if she could just hold out and see things through. She was unreasonable and determined to end it all. When I tried to talk to her in a calm manner she screamed even more (but I still managed to keep her talking). The one thing I did realize was that she really needed to vent and let off steam. I did not want to deny her that at all, because once she let it all out there was a good chance that I could still reach her. The good thing was that my gig started late so I still had some extra time. As she went on her frustration seemed to ease up a little, and that was when I took the opportunity to try to reach her. I told her that she will never know what God has in store for her until she sees her life through. I told her that once she overcomes all these terrible obstacles in her life that she could be a positive motivation for others who are experiencing that same life frustrations. She said that no one cared. I told her that if I didn’t care I wouldn’t be taking this time to talk to her. I told her that she was speaking through emotion and that she was extremely tired and fatigued from not having enough sleep. I let her know that this would not be the right time to make any major decision. I began to realize that she really just needed someone to hear her story. If she truly wanted to take her own life she would have just hung up the phone and did it (and she most certainly would not have answered the phone when I called her back). While I have not talked to her today yet, I do believe that she made it through last night. When people are upset it is important to see beyond the surface and determine what is really needed. Some people go through a  lot of adversity in their lives. They experience tragedies that often make life unbearable. There may not be much that you can do to fix their problems, but sometimes all it really takes is a “good ear.” People who are desperate often like to be heard. “Let’s hear them…” All it takes is a little time and it may make a difference in “both of your lives.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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A “very distant picture” with Chaka Khan performing with Brett Jolly to the far left in concert)



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