Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The movie Suicide Squad… Can something like this really happen?”

My kids always love to take me to see the comic book movies (However, since I am the one who is always paying for it I guess I should say that I’m the one who takes THEM). There is a relatively new movie out now called “Suicide Squad,” and without  doing any spoiler alert I will just say that the concept of the movie is based on taking the hardest incarcerated criminals and have them perform deadly tasks for lighter sentences. While the basic premise of this movie is based on inmates with fictional super powers, to me the idea does seem to have some merit in the real world. While many may not want to acknowledge it, I do believe that there is a LOT we can learn from those who are already convicted and imprisoned. While they serve their time behind bars do you think there any use that we can get from them? I believe so… First, in order to protect our own lives we need to know how “most criminals think.” What better way to find out than to ask one? A lot of these inmates are not as dumb as you think because the crimes they committed involved  a certain degree of knowledge. For instance, there are criminals behind bars who “know” how to get past just about any burglar alarm system. There are those who know how to crack a safe lock. There are those who are experts at covering up crimes, and in order to learn how to better protect ourselves we “need to know how criminals think.” Also, some of the inmates might be glad to offer their services while they are looking for ways to show they can be of some use to society. In the movie, these prisoners were let out in order to fight some deadly mission. While that may be a risky idea for real life inmates I bet there are “several if not many” of them who would gladly do it. A lot of them already know how to fight and to even kill, and many are used to being in a violent environment. No, I am not saying that we should let all the dangerous prisoners out to fight our wars, but I am saying that while they are doing time there is a LOT of beneficial information that we can probably get from them should we decide to talk to them. Also, many of them would love a second chance to show that they can be a benefit to society. Should we deny them of that chance? Many of the people behind bars are felons who in their minds “made a bad mistake.” None of us are perfect, and just about everyone loves a second chance. Some of those inmates behind bars would not mind at all “earning one.” Since our tax dollars are paying for them anyway, why not learn from what they know? It could possibly benefit us all in the long run… Thanks for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Singer Lyfe Jennings, brother Bill Jolly and Brett Jolly in studio

Lyfe Jennings and Brett

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