Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Really obvious warning signs”)

Last night I performed at some gig in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The gig went well and the people loved us, but today’s Daily Thought is more about something else. There was a “couple” there that we knew had been established for quite some time. They had gone on trips together and even posted pictures of themselves on Facebook. Last night, however, they were both at the same venue where I was performing and the guy was “very blatantly conversing intimately with some other woman directly in front of his woman.” He didn’t even “try” to hide what he was doing, and by the end of the night sparks flew. His “supposed” woman confronted him “and” the new woman right after the gig. The good thing about this was that the confrontation didn’t get too overly heated (even though the woman was “quite” enraged over it). There were a couple of sharp words and accusations thrown but by the end of the evening all was peaceful. However, the issue here is more about “warning signs.” You see, some people choose to ignore them whenever they happen. That usually ends up being a fatal flaw in any relationship. There is nothing wrong with having conversations with people. Often as musicians we are “expected to reach out to others.” However, in this circumstance the man spent most of the evening sitting with this new woman and their closeness was extremely noticeable. After the “supposed girlfriend” confronted the both of them she found out that they had actually been socializing with each other for well over a week. The new lady allegedly “had no idea” that he was seeing someone else. If your partner can be so “blatant” as to try to get his or her mack on IN PLAIN VIEW of you then that is about the “biggest warning sign” that anyone can get. It is disrespect to the utmost degree, and once that happens it is time to immediately reassess your relationship. Whenever someone wants to end a relationship at least “alert” your partner to it “before” you go messing around with other people. What happened last night was so disrespectful in many ways. Today is a new day and I expect to see all parties at my gig tonight. I do wish the best for them (whatever the best may be at this point). Of course, they can still fix their problems, but hopefully they will  never ignore the “warning signs.” To do so could be disastrous… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


Skype: Brettjolly1

Wayne Brady (Host of “Let’s Make a Deal”) and Brett Jolly in concert


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