Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The diversities of life”)

Have you ever really noticed just how “different” people are? We come in different shades of color, sizes, languages and customs. We all appear to have different traits that set us apart from each other. Because of our own established values of life, the traits we were born with also appear to the the parameters for which many of us judge each other. For instance, a very short man will (in most circumstances) not be as highly valued as a taller man. A plain woman is usually not considered as desirable as a woman with elegant features. In most cases a poor man will not be as highly sought as a man with huge wealth. We are different, but why? From our perspectives most other species of animals don’t have as many diversities within their species as we do. I have found that many of those people who are blessed with desirable traits are often deficient in other areas. For instance, a man could be considered to be very handsome by society’s definitions but he might also be extremely dumb when you talk to him. His looks may take him a lot of places with a lot of opportunities but his lack of intelligence may hinder his career. With all the diversities around us we should be more accepting of one another. Just about everyone harbors some form of prejudice against others (even if it is something small like not liking a woman’s hat). Most of us can do well in hiding our feelings but it doesn’t stop how we feel inside. Some cannot hide their ignorance at all. Is there really a difference between a 5 foot 6 Oriental mathematical nerd looking genius and a 6 foot 6 dark African American athlete who is a basketball star if they both manage to make the same amount of money? If so then how should they be judged? I guess what I am trying to say is that we all are “so different” that in essence we all are “the same.” If that sounds confusing, I understand. There is so much diversity that we all should be considered “equally different.” We set our own values to the different characteristics of people. Many of us are “judged on sight” without even taking the time to find out how special the person is “on the inside.” When you go about your day today, you should take a look at all the different people you see and then try to figure out “in your mind” their characteristics based on what you see. By doing so, you will be applying your own set of perceived values to their differences. While diversity may make us special, it also makes us more discriminating. I hope we all learn to accept each other based on what we know and not on what we feel… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Linda Carter (The original Wonder Woman) and Brett Jolly

Linda Carter and Brett Jolly


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