Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The DNC yesterday”)

It rained so hard yesterday in Philadelphia that my basement actually flooded badly. Thunder and lightning and dark skies made the day seem so eery and mysterious. The Democratic National Convention was held rain or shine in my home town and after I finished mopping up a LOT of water I focused my attention on the convention. I kind of equate these conventions to some churches. Since all the people are there for the same purpose then to me it just kind of feels like the speakers are essentially “preaching to the choir.” They won’t change the mind of anyone there, because all the people in attendance are there to support the same person anyway (and have already decided).  While it is important to cast your vote behind who you want to elect there will be people watching on television who may not have made up their minds yet, so I am guessing these conventions must be aimed at those people. Each side feels as though they offer the best platforms, and unless something crazy happens none of them are ever going to switch over. There are also those who honestly believe that their vote is a waste (due to the electoral process). Are they right in what they say? Picking a leader is important, because your very lifestyle could hinge heavily on the decisions of that leader. The natural thing for me to say is that if you don’t like the direction of the country then “vote to make a change.”While it is important to vote with your heart, it is “imperative” that you also exercise your mind. Many people vote according to their party and while that is understandable should it also be considered proper? If you “knew” that your party representative was not qualified, had a history of making bad decisions with terrible policies would you still vote for him or her just because of party unity? Some people (uh, make that MANY people) would, and that is why the greatest asset this country has is the “intelligent educated voter.” No, I am not saying that certain voters are dumb, but rather I am saying that if you “study and know” your choice and are educated about the candidate”s policies (and make your choice based on what you know as opposed to who you represent) then you are an intelligent educated voter. These people make their choices based on who they feel has the “best qualifications” to run the country. No one is perfect, so no candidate is perfect. However, sometimes you may have to choose between the lessor of 2 evils. These conventions often provide entertainment, but we should not forget that our jobs, our lifestyles and our values are at stake with this election. Today’s Daily Thought is not about trying to sway anyone’s vote, but rather a statement to say to learn all you can about your candidate BEFORE voting him or her into office. Voting intelligently means never having to say “You’re sorry.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish  you the very best that life has to offer.


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