Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Plagiarized speech?”)

Melania Trump, the wife of Donald Trump, has recently provided some of the most colorful  jokes and laughs on media such as Facebook. She recently spoke at the Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio. You could tell from her accent that English was probably not her primary language growing up. She did a good job speaking, but it is the “source” of some of her line that is the subject of discussion today. For some reason, several of her lines appeared to be plagiarized. That is not uncommon in a lot of speeches. However, when you plagiarize the words of your political opponents (and try to sneak it by the public) then you increase your chances of becoming a laughingstock. I have no idea why, but it seems Mrs. Trump decided to steal the lines of her political adversary counterpart, Michele Obama.  Of all people, why her? Here is the actual video comparison for you to see for yourself.

Now for the record, I don’t really blame Melania for this. I’m sure “most” of her speech was written for her, so she only did as she was told. The problem I have with this is that if there is “anyone” you shouldn’t emulate in your speeches, it would be your political enemy. Also, the reaction of the Republicans afterwards didn’t lead to much credibility either. Instead of acting like they did nothing wrong, they could have just “admitted” that parts of her speech were plagiarized. When you still try to deny the truth “after your hand gets caught in the cookie jar” then that leads people to believe that you are sneaky and not worthy of trust. Don’t get me wrong, those who still support Trump will continue to do so no matter what, but even his supporters can’t possible believe that this incident makes their party look good. For the record, I am not being one sided. If something like this happened on the Democratic side I would feel equally obligated and compelled to post about it as well. As I said, this won’t change much of anything for the ones who already support Trump, but this won’t gain them any advantages either. There is already strife and discontent in the Republican camp and they need to find ways to unite their own party. For their sake I hope they can overcome this public oversight. If you believe certain polls, they will probably say that after this convention Trump is gaining ground on his political adversary Hillary Clinton. They said the same thing about Mitt Romney when he was running against President Obama for the last Presidential campaign. That projection didn’t hold much water either. The chinks in the Republican armor are starting to become more visible and fragile. Let’s hope for their sake that after this they can find a way to fortify themselves and make a healthy stand and/or charge. Their immediate future depends heavily on it. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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