Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Population control?”)

Is there an issue with world overcrowding? If not now, will there be at some point? There are only a limited number of resources on this planet and our improved technology has in some ways endangered the earth already (for example, global warming). Studies have stated the world’s population will double in about 50 more years. It has also been stated that 3 billion people on this planet already suffer from malnutrition. With newer technology designed to make life easier this also has the propensity to eliminate jobs. For example, the invention of email has almost made the duties of the post office obsolete. The more we produce, the more our resources are utilized. Can we survive this kind of population increase? Our leaders may not admit this (or even want to admit this) but war is a way of minimizing word overcrowding. If we kill some of your people and you kill some of ours, then the world won’t seem as full. There are also more jobs available with war and it has been known to boost the economy. When it comes to raising a child so much care is needed. When a child doesn’t get the proper care or guidance then there is a chance that child could grow up to be a menace to society, thus increasing the chances that society would have to pay to incarcerate that child should he or she commit a crime. What does this mean for our future? Do we ignore overcrowding? If not then how can we address it? We can talk about the value of life but at what price? If we somehow manage to ease overcrowding will that make life easier for us? Until someone can come up with an apple that somehow “replenishes itself” hunger will continue to be an issue. Hunger on an already overcrowded planet with limited resources will be a major obstacle. How much longer can we go? Population control may stabilize the economy and make our lives simpler and happier, but at what cost? All lives are supposed to be valued, so how do you discuss eliminating lives or controlling levels of production? I’m not sure if there is an answer, but this is a topic that at some point no one may be able to avoid. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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