Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“When people talk about you”)

If you manage to live long enough you can rest assured that at some point someone is going to talk about you. No matter how innocent and righteous you may try to be, you will never be able to avoid being the subject of someone’s discussion. They could be saying something positive and true about you or something false and negative, but people love to gossip. There are also people out there who love to spread negativity, and they are some of the main ones who will talk about you. When someone spreads a lie about you, you can take it personally, or you can just focus on the character of the person who is spreading the lies and give them no credibility. Those people who know you already know your character. You should never have to defend yourself from those who already believe in you. For those who are not sure what to believe, all they need to do is come to the source (meaning “you”) to find out the truth. In my life I have heard all kinds of wrong rumors about me, and I most times I just manage to shrug it off and laugh at it. One person tried to spread a “VERY” malicious rumor about me at one point and that one I just could not ignore. This person even tried to spread this rumor to my friends who already knew me well enough to know that it wasn’t true. All of my friends told this person off for spreading lies about me. The rumor was vicious and so wrong, and I definitely addressed it to set that person straight. We need to keep in mind that we only get talked about whenever we are doing something worthy. Otherwise the haters would not waste their breath or time mentioning us. No matter whether the rumors are true or not, when people say bad things about us it can hurt. I had to realize that no matter how true to myself I may want to be, I simply “can’t please everyone.” Hey, even the Pope has enemies… If you have people who like to talk badly about you, just keep in mind that they are doing so to make you upset. If they succeed in doing so, then that means they have power over you to push your buttons whenever they want. They don’t deserve to have that much power over you. Never let bad people bring you down to their levels… You are much too good for that… Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Singer Freddie Jackson and Brett Jolly in concert

Freddie Jackson


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