Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Do all lives really matter?”)

Do all lives really matter? While we may “want” to believe this can we honestly say this is true? Is there any truth to the story that Blacks say they are often viewed and treated differently by policemen because of their color? Recently there had been a lot of chaos in the United States over killings that seem to involve race, power and weapons. At first 2 policemen were under fire for stopping and shooting 2 Black men for “initially” having a busted taillight and selling CD’s. Blacks protested the deaths and then some deranged psychotic individual decided to kill 5 policemen because he was angry at cops for killing Black men. Do all lives “really” matter? Here in Philadelphia, if someone shoots a police officer and flees the state there will be a “nationwide dragnet” to find him or her. There will be billboards posted “all over the country” looking for this killer. If an attractive white woman gets killed and she happened to live in the center city area then that will get a LOT of publicity in the news media (but not as much as a police officer who is shot down). If you are a minority with a normal career and get killed it may get you a small paragraph in the city newspaper. Do all lives really matter? It may depend on who you ask. Why is it that some of the biggest cases that make national headline news are those that feature that word that begins with “r” and rhymes with “mace?” While some of us may refuse to admit it, any incident that involves race seems to get the highest of publicity and attention. When Kobe Bryant was initially accused of raping a White woman it became a “huge story at that time.” Once it was discovered that there was insufficient evidence the charges were eventually dropped. When Tiger Woods (a Black athlete) cheated on his “White wife” with a whole lot of other “White women” he was “vilified” in the press and his story dominated just about “all” the tabloids at that time. When Shaquille O’Neal did the same thing with his “Black wife” and his “Black mistresses” no one seemed to care (or even know about it). Finally, there is the “biggest case involving race” and that was the O.J. Simpson trial. O.J., a rich Black athlete, was accused of killing his White wife and a white friend. People were outraged, but were they really mad at the murder or were they really mad at the fact that he was even “involved” with a White woman in the first place? All lives should matter, but for some reason we seem to give more attention to those involving race. Black people are angry because they feel they have a history of being targeted by police and being treated unfairly. It didn’t start with these last 2 incidents (and you can rest assured it won’t end with them either). Whether you are a policeman, a Black man, or anything else you need to value the life of your brother and sister. When you say that all lives matter, then what are your views on abortion? What are your views on war? What are your views on the death penalty? I would love to believe that all lives matter, but I still am amazed at how the Ebola disease killed “thousands” in Africa but no cure was found until a case had actually reached “here in the United States.” Then a cure was “immediately discovered.” ALL lives should matter, but are we kidding ourselves every time we say that? If someone took your life, how much attention do you think it will bring? Until people start to realize that “we are all the same color on this inside” then senseless events like this will continue to happen. Racial violence only brings about “more racial violence, and at some point we need to understand that. Sometimes our eyesight can be our biggest blessing and our biggest curse at the same time. When your judge someone else, “look with your heart…” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.



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