Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The 2 most important words to know in any language”)

I remember when I first went on an international tour to play music. It felt so weird being around people who were “so different” from me. As fascinating as it was I realized that they spoke a different language and I needed to “adapt quickly.” While some people knew a little English I was surrounded by more people who “did not.” In order to communicate properly with them I realized that the first phrase I needed to learn was the most important… Those 2 words were “Thank you…” You see, if you want people to help you then you should always be courteous and pleasant. Once I learned how to say those two words I got more smiles and more help. When I first traveled to France I had to remember “Merci Beaucoup” which meant “Thank you very much.” In Brazil I had to say “Obrigado” a lot. While it is great to use these terms in other countries, it is also beneficial to use them in your own environment. When holding the door open for someone it is always pleasant to hear that person say “Thank you.” Whenever you do it and they don’t say anything it usually leaves you with a bad feeling about the person. While it may seem bothersome to thank people it should be done regardless. We all are on a planet where we have to depend on each other for survival. Considering the fact that people need you as much as you need them then “thanking someone” shouldn’t seem like such a burden. If you have not done so, then I suggest you “try it out for yourself” and see if your own perspective doesn’t change. Everyone likes to be appreciated… To show my point, I am now going to say “Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought. As always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.” Please make the most of it…


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The Emotions (“You’ve got the best of my love”) and Brett Jolly in concert