Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“owning a dog”)

Some people can’t get behind the notion to have a pet. Some have allergies. Some have no time to devote to loving or taking care of an animal. I have a dog and her name is “Jenny Gump.” She is a German Shepherd. I have always loved having these kinds of dogs. Aside from the loyalty and love these animals bring there are other great reasons to have one. Years ago I remember a television film crew doing interviews of inmates in prisons, and one of the questions asked to most of them was “What if anything deterred you from breaking into a house to rob it?” ALL of them said that they never got scared of any burglar alarm system. They said that there are ways to get around most systems and even shut them off. They said the one thing they could never shut off was “a dog.” Most times if they attempted to break into a house and just heard a dog barking they would turn around and leave. My dog pays attention to everything that goes on outside, and will bark immediately for any sounds that it deems “suspicious.” The great part about this is that we never trained the dog to behave in this fashion. The dog does so strictly “on instinct.” Of course, there is commitment when it comes to a dog as well. They have to be walked and fed. However, they will love you unconditionally and protect your interests as well as your home. This morning I took Jenny for a walk and she decided to lay down on her back with her legs up in the air and make a back wiggle motion so that she could “scratch her back.” It is fun to see. The only real problem I have with her is when other people decide to walk their dogs along my property. Then she will tug hard (and pay for it dearly) because I have not been able to train her to ignore other dogs. Also, whenever my daughter begins to sing she gets upset and goes to barking at my son (This behavior I have not yet been able to decipher). Other than that Jenny is a great pet. If you have never owned one before I invite you to Google “Dog care.” You might be surprised at what a valuable asset a dog can be. Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Linda Carter (She played the original Wonder Woman and sings country now) and Brett Jolly

Linda Carter and Brett Jolly