Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Gun control”)

I have written before about this topic, but today I wanted to make sure that I set the record straight. I have debated with several people before about how easy it is to purchase firearms. For some reason I keep getting the same feedback with most people saying (“I do not want to give up my right to own a gun”). For the record, I want it known that my debate is NOT about taking a gun away from legalized owners who are sane enough to own one. If you already have your gun and are of sound mind then more power to you. However, I WOULD like to see “stricter background checks” so that those who are “mentally unstable” cannot gain such “easy access” to guns and ammunition. Okay, you may ask “just how does one determine if someone is mentally unstable?” The answer is simple: “Those people who are already mentally unstable will tell “you” how unstable they are. Think about it: If some crazed individual has a desire to kill randomly, then chances are that if he or she is unstable it will be found out. A LOT of these people will rant on Facebook or public media all their frustrations. They will even tell close associates. What makes you think they wouldn’t tell you the same thing if you asked them? Through an interview (or psychiatric evaluation) a LOT can be determined. Most psychotic killers want to tell their story. We need to listen. It would really be nice if people who want to purchase weapons had to wait through a very long and extensive background check before before being allowed to purchase a firearm. I have had several people tell me about their right to bear arms and have weapons. If you follow that line of logic, does that means that everyone should be allowed to have their own “nuclear bomb” as well? There are many delusional people in this world. They see and hear things that the rest of us don’t. To them whatever they are experiencing is real. If we cannot reach out to help them then the last thing we should do is make it easier for them to kill innocent people. Those names of those politicians who cannot see this need to be made public, because we need to vote for people who will look out for our best interests (not theirs). The sale of a gun should not take precedence over the value of life. While worry about terrorists abroad when we keep supplying the terrorists here? To me this should be so simple. I only hope you can see the same things. Let’s hope that one day we all can get our “priorities straight.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought, and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.
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