Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“Procrastination and mortality”)

This past Saturday I performed a gig with a good friend of mine by the first name of “Mark.” Mark is an exceptional musician who plays several different instruments (lead guitar, bass and drums) and he also is a great singer. For this gig there was only me, him and a drummer for the band (he played lead guitar for this one) and we had a great show that the people loved (especially for a small 3 piece band). We took turns singing lead. Afterwards we talked about doing a lot more shows together because we gelled so well musically. Well, I just got word yesterday that right after that gig he had a stroke and was hospitalized… After hearing about this I thought about how normal life had seemed and how I took for granted that there will always be time for us to do other gigs together. I now realize that when you hold off today for tomorrow then that day just may not be promised to you. I have no intentions of going on some kind of negativity trip here but there are many people with dreams that remained unfulfilled just because they procrastinated when it came to enacting on them. You may never know your “full potential” until you take the initiative to actually “reach” for it. There are things that I still would like to accomplish in my life. I still have dreams and goals that have not come to fruition just yet. While I am able to think, move and speak on my own I need to take those blessings and “expand.” Mark is a Pisces like me and he also has perfect pitch (which means he can hear some tunes and play them without having to practice first). I am very thankful the he is still alive but I don’t know the severity of what he is going through. I will keep him in prayer. Mortality of life means that we all are fragile. We all have dates with destiny and at some point our abilities will begin to erode. I remember years ago performing on the same show as the Funk brothers (These are the guys who actually “wrote” a lot of the music that became world famous on Motown records, even though they didn’t get much credit for it). In my mind, I knew these guys were “awesome” musicians who created some of the best music in the world. When I watched them play live and try to recreate some of that magic it saddened me to see them try to move their hands with the same agility and dexterity that they used to have. Time had caught up to them, and all their skills had weakened. I don’t know if they are still even performing live anymore, but the music they left us with was priceless. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. The same principle applies to you. What you do with the rest of  your life depends on what you feel about the rest of your life. Maybe it’s about time we all recognize our own mortality and stop putting off the things that we can accomplish today.  I could probably say more but I now realize that I have “work to do.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer…


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The late Grover Washington Jr., brother Bill Jolly and Brett Jolly




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