Brett Jolly’s Daily Thought (“The subliminal recycling of the music industry”)

The late Gerald Levert broke out on the music scene years ago with a song that became a huge hit on the R&B charts. Originally the song was done by a 3 man group entitled “Levert.” Gerald was the mastermind of the group and not long after this song became a hit Gerald went solo without the other 2 guys (the funny part is that whenever I listen to the background vocals of this song I only hear Gerald’s voice anyway, so I’m not even sure if the other 2 guys even sang on this track). I then tried to do my own evaluation of the song (which is what I do with every song I hear) and I found out something interesting. First I would like for you to check out the song. Here is Levert’s hit song “Casanova.”

Musically the principle premise of this song is based on 4 music chords (with the exception of the bridge). When examining those 4 chords, I found that if you switch the order of the first 2 with the very last 2 you will find the same musical pattern of another song that was a “huge hit” just before this song was released. In fact, if you “started this song at the 9 second mark and played this other song along with it, you will find amazing similarities. The song that this tune was recycled from was Marvin Gaye’s big hit “Sexual Healing.” When you interchange the chords of Casanova with Sexual Healing it will fit “exactly.” I actually played for Gerald Levert on many occasions, so one day I decided to ask him about it. He just looked at me with a smirk on his face and simply said “Good ear.” While that was not the confirmation I wanted, subliminally  it was the answer I sought. The are times when songs are “resampled” and thrown back on the public. Of course, if the public can’t determine what’s going on then I guess there’s “no harm, no foul.” Either way, this song became a huge R&B hit, and I don’t think he ever got sued in court over it. Maybe it was because no one “figured it out.” Thank you for checking out my Daily Thought and as always I wish you the very best that life has to offer.


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Gerald Levert and Brett Jolly in concert



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